NOW Retreat 2016 Timeline of Events

  • Call for Submissions Released

    Check out the link below, begin preparing your materials, and follow us on and to stay connected!

  • Submission Opens

    Interested individuals may begin submitting their applications.

  • Submission Deadline

    Submission forms must be completed by 5PM EST.

  • Acceptance & Registration

    Applicants will be notified via email of their acceptance or rejection for this year's retreat. Online Registration will open at this time for those accepted.

  • Registration Deadline

    Registration of all participants must be completed by 5PM EST. Participants who have not registered by this time will not be assigned to a pod.

  • Pods and Pod Leaders assigned

    Participants will be notified via email of their assigned pod. This email will include contact information for all pod members, and instructions for pod leaders.

  • Introductions

    Participants are asked to post introductions, individually or as a pod, to the Retreat Forums.

  • Retreat Begins!

    Participants are asked to tune into the first webinar. Pods should begin exchanging written materials.