Critique. Collaboration. Renovation. Rejuvenation.

The Networked Online Writing Retreat is the completely free, week-long, asynchronous writing workshop experience that offers it all—from the comfort of your home, office, or favorite coffee shop.

Participate in the NOW Retreat to share your work-in-progress and provide feedback for others on a flexible schedule, access a wealth of useful research and writing resources, and enjoy complimentary webinars on research and writing from three successful scholars.

Why Participate?

The writing and sharing of work is a fundamental part of scholarly life. While junior scholars and graduate students surely recognize this fact, many of them do not have adequate time or resources to develop the processes and practices necessary to edify their scholarly contributions in accordance with their publishing, teaching, research and/or political goals.

The NOW Retreat is an intervention into the often solitary and anxiety-producing process of writing, by offering a space for focused, flexible writing-with-others. By participating, you will build your communicative skills, increase the quality of your research and writing, and strengthen your scholarly network.

As a fully-online workshop, The NOW Retreat is designed to be both cost-effective, and participant-driven: You don’t have to be somewhere or purchase anything, and there is no formal program or presentation of your work. In a small group we call your “pod,” you set your own agenda for digitally-facilitated discussion, peer-review, and feedback throughout the week. You have access to a curated collection of valuable resources, and are invited to tune into webinars offered by three excellent scholars who will share their insights on some aspects of scholarly life.

Who Should Attend?

The NOW Retreat is open to all who are interested in participating in a free exchange of new ideas or works-in-progress, focused critique, and dynamic deliberation--all in the name of scholarly excellence. In particular, it is designed to service junior scholars and graduate students who would benefit from more opportunities to attend to their writing and research, especially in a low-cost, low-risk, structurally flexible environment.

If you have questions about applying for the NOW Retreat, contact us!